Unique Sunflower Photography Tips

10 Unique Sunflower Photography Tips You Will Love to Try!

Seeing a sunflower indeed makes us happy. Constant gazing at a sunflower can decrease our pain and turn it into pure joy. These beautiful golden flowers grow during summer. In fact, some kinds of them are also cultivated throughout the year by farmers. These flowers are always the next best thing to capture with your camera.

Photographers often run out of sunflower photography ideas when there are several things one can try. Sunflowers are just beautiful and don’t require much creativity as well. You can follow some basic ideas to make a gorgeous sunflower photography portfolio. So let’s not waste any time and learn about the 10 unique sunflower photography tips you will love to try!

Best gear for sunflower photography-

Grab the best camera

A suitable camera is always required for any sort of photography. Since Sunflower photos need to be exquisite and filled with happiness, there is no alternative to getting a proper camera. However, most photographers find it daunting. So let me tell you that you can use any DSLR camera with proper ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. Just make sure you are comfortable with its features!

Best lenses for sunflower photography

When it comes to lenses, there is always a requirement for one which can transmit more light. In sunflower photography, the case is not any different than that. So, get yourself a good pair of lenses as they can gather more light into the camera and produce bright photos with clarity. Many lenses in the market can confuse you. In this case, you should buy a decent one that has a mid-range price!

Don’t forget the Tripod

You should always use a tripod for every kind of photography. In fact, it is even more monumental in sunflower photography. You can’t run around the sunflower field with the camera in your hand all the time. Your hands might hurt if you carry the camera for a long time. Besides, a tripod can help a lot to prevent blur, handshake, and bad weather conditions. So, don’t forget to bring a tripod with you!

10 unique sunflower photography tips you will love to try-

Find the best field

Sunflowers are very common these days and can be found easily. But finding the best sunflower field is not always an effortless task to do as it will take a lot of time and hard work. Sunflowers are grown on different agricultural farms throughout the year. Since summer is their blossom time, you should look for the closest field around you and take prep for the shoot during this time. You can ask for the location of these fields from different flower sellers in your area or can google it too. But remember that not all sunflower fields are open to roaming around. Some even require permission to enter or sometimes you need to make a booking for a proper photoshoot. So, before entering the field always make sure to ask the owner if anything like that is necessary or not.

Walk around the field to find the best views

In sunflower photography, it’s significant to include the best views in the photos. But it can be daunting for inexperienced photographers sometimes. So, if you are new to this, start by walking in and around the field. Observe every possible position to shoot. Grab your camera and use the lenses to see where the focus is clearer and photos can come brighter. Besides, walking in the middle of these enchanting sunflowers will always make your mind cheerful. In this way, you will be able to describe its beauty properly through the pictures.

The Best time to capture the sunflower

Like most photography, early morning or late evening is best time to take sunflower photos in a sunflower field. Photographers especially choose these times of the day because at that time the sunlight comes directly into the camera. However, do not forget about the weather before picking the time. If it’s a cloudy day, you will have to struggle a lot to get good sky shots. In this case, you can take ground shots of the sunflower. Notice the wind too, as it can impact the flowers during the photoshoot. Consider every aspect first, only then make a decision.

A camera setting you should try

It’s significant to be adaptive to the camera settings during sunflower photography. Remember not to use the same camera setting again and again. Use a low aperture like f/5 or f6 to capture still shots if there is no wind. While during massive wind blow, keep the shutter speed as fast as possible. A fast shutter speed will prevent motion blur and make your photos sharp. But don’t make unnecessary changes to your settings unless you want to spoil the image.

Shoot from low

How to take photos in sunflower field? Just get down in the sunflower field and take pictures from the low, as it will change the perspective of the image! The sunflowers will look like gigantic flowers. You can focus on the details that people don’t even notice on the sunflower. Include small elements like bees, butterflies, dragonflies, and other insects. They will lay out a firm composition for you. These images will show the existence of another life beneath the sunflowers and how it’s connected with life. Shots like these will make the photos more attractive and pleasant.

Take close shots for creating depth

Sunflowers can also be an amicable subject for taking portraits. They are big, beautiful, and mesmerizing flowers. Many people phrase it as “The flower of hope”. So, Get close to it to take natural photos but don’t forget to notice the sun’s position as sunflowers tends to follow it. You can get the best view of the sunflower by getting in front of it as the light will directly fall into the flower so that you can capture the view easily by increasing the focal point. It will eradicate all other unnecessary things and help you to focus only on the flower.

Click photos from all angles

Knowing the proper angles for sunflower photography is necessary. But how do you even know which is perfect for you? So, you have to take pictures from every possible angle to find the best one. Be creative with it! Take horizontal shots, wide-angle shots, close-ups, get low, get high, zoom in/out, and try every other thing possible! First, make sure you have covered every angle in your picture. Then, make the final selections.

Natural photos are the best

You have to accept the fact that things will not always go according to your plan during sunflower photography. Sudden changes in the weather, unwanted circumstances, rain, etc can always be a threat to you. So don’t be sad if anything like that happens. Instead, use these to your advantage and click photos of these natural events. Being natural and honest with your photos will always bring good results!

Show the sunlight from the back

Showing the sunlight from the back can be a technique to capture unique photos. The back of the flower can also look beautiful as it has unique shapes and when the sunlight falls on it, it gives a picturesque reflection. Zoom into the petals and other parts of the flower. They will look unique from the back and change the perspective a lot.

Post process the pictures

You have done everything right and clicked amazing photos but ask yourself whether they are perfect or not. If they are not, then editing will play its part. A bit of post-processing is always required to make the image perfect. There are always parts in an image that needs refining. Color correction, sharping the edges, tone changing, and other editing are always necessary to boost the conversation rate of your image. For this, you need to know Photoshop skills and spend a lot of time editing the photos. But the good news is that there are some photo editing service providers who can do this job for you at a reasonable price. Giving the post-processing task to them will always be a good option as it can save valuable time.


What color is best to wear for a sunflower picture?

Wearing outfits that have vibrant colors like red, blue, white, and orange is the best option for sunflower photography. Deep colors like black make the photo dull and will not fit according to the yellow composition of the sunflower field. However, it is best to wear white color in most occasions since they can match any background so that your subject can stand out in the image.

How do you pose for a picture with a sunflower field?

There are countless photos that one can try in sunflower photography. But if you want the classic ones, then poses like hands in the air, smelling a flower, holding a bouquet, family moments, couple moments, hiding in the flowers, laying down in the field, etc will always stand out for you.

At the end

We are sure that these tips will work as a guideline for you. If you follow them step-by-step, you will know when and how to do certain things that can be beneficial for you. Be bold, fearless, creative, and natural with your photography. Sunflowers are nature’s gift. If you be honest with them, they will be honest with you. Therefore, don’t forget to use these tips the next time you step onto a sunflower field!

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