Paintball Photography Tips

11 Paintball Photography tips that make you a pro!

Paintball is a fun game played across in many countries. It is very competitive and players like to enjoy it a lot. Although it is pleasing to play and watch, it is very difficult and challenging to shoot! Photographers spend a huge time on the field practicing paintball photography.

Every time you go for Paintball photography your photography skills will be at test. So to pass successfully in this test you will require some guidelines to follow. We are sure the tips and tricks you learn here will improve your skills. So, scroll down and learn about these paintball photography tips that make you a pro!

What is Paintball game like?

A paintball game is rapidly becoming popular these days. Many tournaments and games are continuously being organized which are grabbing the attention of large number sport lovers and enthusiast. A paintball game is normally organized between two teams or individuals. Their basic goal is to shoot at their opponents with paintballs (color filled balls) which is released from an air gun known as marker.

The rule is very simple! If you are shot then you are eliminated from the game. A player has to avoid from getting shot and eliminate other players to be the lone survivor and win the game. In team games, the team that eliminates the other team first can be called as winner.

Types of paintball games

You can see many types of paintball games being played on various occasions. Among them speedball and woodsball are the most popular ones. The rule is same for both of the types. The only difference between them is that man-made obstacles are used in speedball and woodsball is played in the woods for getting a more natural experience!

Paintball Photography Gear-

Sturdy Camera

Actions change pretty quick in paintball games. So you will require a sturdy camera to act fast according to these actions. You don’t need to buy an expensive camera for paintball photography. A camera with a standard set of settings and functions can do the job. Make sure you are familiar with the camera and can comfortably use it. Or else you will not able to cope up with fast transitions!

Proper lens

Lens will always be the key factor in any kind of photography. In most types of sport photography, photographers like to keep multiple lenses and use it according to the movement of the game. You can also keep multiple lenses with you for capturing different dimensions of the game. Make sure the lens you buy has a good quality.

Camera protection and covers

During a paintball game, as a photographer you will always need to be ready to accept the fact that you will get hit. Sometimes photographers get hit more than actual players. Therefore, keeping your precious camera and yourself protected is absolutely necessary. You can use covers to keep yourself safe from paintball hits and protect the camera as well.

8 Best Paintball Photography tips that make you a pro-

Read the game

As few of the professional photography services in New York says – “You have to be a good reader before being a good capturer”. So, observe the game first and notice every move. In this way you will know the exact timing of taking your shots. Learn the moves of the players and take positions according to their movements and capture it when the moment arrives.

Be brave

At first accept the fact that you will get hit every now and then in paintball photography. Despite being hit again and again you have to keep moving. If you get afraid of being hit then you will not be able to get good photos. So, be brave and keep consistency and patience inside the game.

Shoot from the front angle

Normally side angle or top angle shots are not so appealing in paintball photography. So, you should take photos of different players from the front. During the game you will need to crawl or crouch on the ground a lot. From these positions you will need to move to the front of every player and get their photos. These photos will describe the position of the players and state of the whole game. As a result, the photos will become interesting!

Keep changing the camera settings

You need to be adaptive with your camera settings during the game. At first you may find it difficult but with practice and time you will be able to carve out excellent photos. Start with an aperture of 2.8 first alongside low ISO and shutter speed to adjust the motion blur. As the game progresses keep increasing the aperture to a maximum level of 3.2 according to the lighting condition of the area.

Analyze the position of different players

Notice which player is doing what in the field. If you want to shoot a particular player then imitate his position. If the player is standing then stand and if he is crawling or crouching the do the same. Analyzing the positions will help you to know the big moves and moments of the game. So keep patience and strike when the iron is hot.

Cooperate with everyone on the field

Cooperating with each other on the field will make the task easier for you. It is a great way of keeping calm and friendly environment on the field. By everyone, we mean other photographers, videographers and the referee. You shouldn’t intervene in their work and keep yourself aloof from everyone’s notice.

Try creative angles

If you see that front angle shots are not giving good results then change into experiment mode and take shots from all other available angles. Be as creative as possible! Try taking multiple shots and see if the changes are good or not. Continue the same process until you find the best angle.

Show the competition level of the game

You should not only click pictures but also show different emotions of the game through it. Capture every key moments like elimination, position changing, key moves, infrequent moment, shots or hits and moves that can be decisive in the game. Capturing these situations and showing them through photos will be more interesting towards the paintball lovers!

Some Common FAQs-

How to attach a GoPro to a paintball mask?

The best way of attaching a GoPro to a paintball mask is to first disassemble the GoPro with the help of screwdrivers. Then you have to find the best position on your mask where the GoPro can be attached. After that you need to attach the GoPro with that specific part of the mask with screws. It might do a little damage to your mask but you will surely be able to attach it easily and record the game from your view.

Is it compulsory to wear glasses during paintball photography?

During paintball photography, there are high chances of getting hit by paintballs. So if you want to protect your eyes during the hit, you will need to wear glasses. Even though it is not compulsory, it is good for your safety.

Final Verdict

Paintball photography can be fun if you really put yourself inside the game and think from the point of view of a player. Being a good reader and knowing about the exact positions of each players and angles will make you a master in paintball photography. We hope the above tips will give you a good guideline and you will be a good paintball photographer in no time!

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